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10 definite reasons why your resume was rejected

Once it was accidental. Both times are coincidences. Ian Fleming said that three times were actions by the enemy. Agent 007 or James Bond, his creation will agree.You also agree and doubt when you recover It has been unable to provide you with a shortlist of suitable vacancies. Which of the 10 steps of enemy action has destroyed the chance of your resume in the hands of recruiters?

Just for your eyes
007 is an agent. So your resume should also be completely confidential. Before it enters the recruiter, no one can see it except your eyes. In addition, you do not believe in criticisms of what you have written. At the same time, recruiters will not see your resume like you do, and throw it away within five seconds, finding it ordinary or even irrelevant. The other shortlisted job applicants improved their resumes through the opinions of many friends.

Fill in the permit
James Bond almost never mentions his past nearly 60 years in Hollywood.You missed that prompt and chose to explain your whole Profession Six-point font on more than six pages.But recruiters spend about 6 seconds on average CV Decide. Your resume will appear on the market, and on the market will be a one-page resume or two pages of more than 20 years of experience.These resumes avoid writing too much about the old jobs, Irrelevant hobbies or information, such as residential address.

Yesterday never passed away
Or maybe there is no time to write. Every time there is a target working, you have a weapon to shoot. Your old resume can be sent with one click, and you can apply for multiple jobs within an hour. Your shot didn’t hit every target. The successful candidate is a sniper. He reads job descriptions, understands the company and roles, and then customizes his resume to trim, rewrite, and highlight what is important to the employer, thereby spending hours to determine goals.

Golden “me”
The resume is about you. So you use personal pronouns in your resume, including “I”, “I”, and “we”. Your resume stands out in the hands of the recruiter, but the reason is wrong. Ordinary resume writers know that it is not advisable to use personal pronouns as the subject or object of a sentence. Instead, they start the main point with an active verb like “manage a team of five engineers.”

Lie down for another day
Allow secret agents to make up stories. So you exaggerate and use some facts or other people’s achievements. In most places, the recruiter’s existing knowledge and Internet access will reveal lies. Where you get a shortlist or work, things get worse. After the post-employment background verification (including document and reference checks), they will be dismissed, blacklisted and permanently tainted.

Words are not enough
You believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. What you see is what you get. Therefore, you include your own passport photo at the top of your resume, and then you might add some charts or colorful designs for good measurement. If you are auditioning for Bollywood, all this is fine. Or show off your creativity for the role of designer or artist. For all other purposes, ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) will reject your resume because your resume cannot be read. After that, recruiters ignored it and instead used a standard professional resume minus pictures and design.

Views on skills
Your manager agrees that you are hardworking and smart. The job description requires diligence and professionalism. You write these words in your resume. However, your resume did not enter the recruiter’s laptop. Recruiters search for hard skills such as “python” and “Tally” instead of subjective attributes such as “diligence” or “diligence”.

About Her Majesty’s General Services
You are proud of your responsibility in your role. You write all of this in your resume. The recruiter wants to know why you are writing a job description instead of a resume. And dump it. At the same time, a smart resume writer writes about his personal achievements, not his duties, roles, or responsibilities, which makes the resume relevant and comparable.

Bold fingers
Or maybe it’s someone from the Golden Draft. You have never heard of spell check. Nor does it ask someone to do a grammar check. Your resume contains extra numbers or wrong dates, or even incorrect contact information. After all, everyone makes mistakes and you will not check what you have drafted. But the recruiter does not seem to understand why your call cannot be connected. Due to errors and typos, she believes that this job is not important to you.

Absent Quantum
You have a way to use language. Your resume is all poetry, not quantified. Recruiters can’t explain what the smartest salesperson means. She didn’t think it was worth wasting an interview. The shortlist includes your friend, who entered the numbers and benchmarks while writing-achieved sales of 11 crore rupees, 20% higher than the target, and ranked second in the 10-person team.

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