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240Hz, $210: This Acer Nitro gaming monitor is getting cheaper

Last month, I wrote an article about this excellent curved gaming monitor from Acer Reduced to 220 USD. It turns out that the company is willing to drop even lower!

Now in Newegg, Acer Nitro ED270 After a substantial price cut of 90 US dollars, the price fell to the lowest ever price of 209 US dollars. For this price, you will get 1080p resolution, 240Hz refresh rate and 1500R curve.

Acer Nitro ED270 27-inch curved gaming monitor: Original price is $299.99, now Newegg is $209.99
Competitive gaming monitor with ultra-thin bezel and curved screen. Acer Nitro ED270 has FHD resolution, smooth 240Hz refresh rate and 1500R curve, which can reduce eye fatigue and immersive gaming.View transaction

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