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3DMark adds sampler feedback to the test suite


3D mark Just added one New DX12 Ultimate features To its test suite called sampler feedback. This is the fourth and final DirectX 12 Ultimate feature added to the 3DMark test suite along with DirectX ray tracing, grid coloring, and variable rate coloring.This new sampler feedback test allows you to visually see the performance optimizations that new features can provide in a 3D environment, and can be used as part of the 3DMark test suite $29.99 on Steam. If you currently own 3DMark, you should be able to use this new test for free.

Sampler feedback It is a new texture stream optimization introduced by Microsoft’s DirectX12 Ultimate API. This feature significantly optimizes the texture streaming technology by accurately predicting when texture details (mips) are used in the game, thereby reducing the overall demand for GPU memory. Texture streaming technology that does not use sampler feedback will have to guess what texture details (mips) will be needed in the future. This in turn will force the game to upload more texture data into GPU memory to ensure that the correct texture can be used when needed.


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