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$69 mechanical EVGA keyboard with interchangeable switches

This The best mechanical keyboard Compared to their membrane counterparts, it is usually an expensive investment.But a new EVGA deal provides Z15 RGB gaming keyboard Equipped with a hot-swappable switch, it only costs $69.

This is almost half of the suggested retail price of this keyboard manufacturer, which is also quite close to its typical selling price. CamelCamelYou must choose Kalih instead of Cherry here, but the advantage of this keyboard is that it won’t lock you into clicks or linear switches.

EVGA Z15 RGB gaming keyboard: Original price was US$129, now US$69 @Newegg

The EVGA Z15 RGB gaming keyboard has replaceable Kalih switches, with a total travel distance of 3.5 mm and a driving distance of 1.1 mm. This deal comes with Kalih Bronze click switches, but you can replace them with Kalih Speed ​​Silver switches.
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