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A $10 microcontroller emulates a retro IBM PC

Usually, we use a PC to simulate other systems, whether it is Retro computer Either Android app. Using other things to simulate a PC is a bit different, especially when it is the original IBM PC and it runs on a micro-controller board like Fabrizio Di Vittorio and is found Hacker day. This does make us wonder if $4 Raspberry Pi Pico Can it be used in a similar way?It can also be used Simulate retro hardware.

The board in question is the ESP32, in this case the ESP 32 development board. They are available in RISC-V and Xtensa LX7 versions. Judging from the clock speed seen in one of the videos, we are dealing with the latter here.Di Vittorio Weird silent video Take you through the steps of compiling code from its storage library on the emulation board of the Arduino software. His next one, piano accompaniment, Video show In the simulator running on the actual board, start FreeDOS, and then open GW Basic 3.

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