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Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss some amazing android apps, but these apps are not only amazing but also powerful, these apps will bring you extra excitement, I will always choose excellent apps, and Do my best to provide you with these applications in the powerful applications article No longer wasting time, let us continue to discuss this topic.

second line

2nd Line provides you with a second phone number as the secondary line of your smartphone, allowing you to make calls and text messages for personal and work. By adding a second phone number in this phone application, you can more easily get in touch with family, colleagues or customers without having to buy a second mobile phone or add a second SIM card.
So next time you need to talk to someone but don’t want to share your real phone number, remember that you can get one in the second phone number app-2nd Line. In just a few steps, you can make unlimited calls and send text messages.

Separation of life and work
With a 2nd Line local phone number, you can perfectly separate your work from your private life by adding a sideline to the latter. Therefore, if someone calls you through the work line, you will know how to answer, or when you call a customer, you can also choose to call through the work line, then your personal phone number will be kept confidential.

Unlimited text messages and calls
Get a second phone number from this 2nd Line app for Android, send text messages, and make unlimited calls with anyone anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or your cellular data for only $9.99 per month , Or completely free of charge with other 2nd Line users.

Cheaper than regular phones
With its dedicated technology, the cost of 2nd Line to make local or international calls is much cheaper than ordinary calls, while maintaining high voice quality. It only takes a few steps to create your dedicated second line. Charge a little fee and save you a pack.

Used in many situations
Have you ever been bothered by these situations? Your phone number must be provided, but in fact, you don’t want to? Being harassed by promotions or advertisements but unable to stop all of them? Need a temporary connection problem but don’t want to reveal your personal number? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. Many of us, more or less, have been troubled by such things. With 2nd Line, you can provide your second phone number to solve all problems. No personal phone number was disclosed, and it did not cause any trouble or annoyance. When you are done, you can send it out at any time, or keep it as you like.


F1 virtual machine

F1 VM (meaning “five one virtual machine”), the Android virtual system on mobile devices, also known as Android Virtual Machine (referred to as VM, namely virtual machine, similar software on PC such as VMWare, VirtualBox). Even if the F1 VM enters the background to run, the games and applications running in the F1 VM can continue to run in a small window (picture-in-picture mode). F1 VM can also run when the screen is off!

Split Screen
Support games/applications running in the background, one-click split screen small window, any application into a floating application. Watching movies/chat/games/work and life are in balance.

Android 7.1 system
F1 VM virtual Android 7.1 system, not restricted by mobile phone system. Even mobile phones with 5.1 system can run F1 VM with built-in 7.1 system.

Security and privacy protection
F1 VM is a virtual environment that can isolate your mobile phone system. Installing rogue software in F1 VM will not affect your phone. No need to worry about the risk of viruses and system crashes, and will not leak your phone information.



App installation information
Helps manage applications efficiently by providing statistics on the date and size of application installation

My wireless network
Who uses my Wi-Fi,
Check if any devices you don’t know are connected.
Check if my Wi-Fi is safe.

Process termination-increase Internet speed
Terminate unnecessary apps in the background to increase the speed of your smartphone

AD Detector-pop-up advertisement detector (does not block advertisements)
. Help you Adblock and ad scanners and delete any apps that contain push ads or banner ads
. List of applications running in the background

Hidden application detector
. You can find applications without icons in the list or detect hidden malicious applications.
The main function of this application is to find hidden applications or scan the entire application on the phone, so I can easily detect hidden applications on the phone.



Start to breathe life into your multiple photos Award-winning aesthetic tool!
VIMAGE is a Cinemagraph Creator application that allows you to animate images and add hundreds of dynamic photo effects, presets, filters and overlays to photos, and convert them into creative dynamic pictures or GIFs . Our photo editor allows you to share your artwork with friends and other VIMAGE creatives.get Instant exposure Use your animation, Not only for photographers and experts!

Why use movie diagrams
Movie charts are the latest trends that tell fascinating animated stories about your life and share with friends and relatives.they are Hot on social media, Think of popular live photos. Weimei It’s an amazing tool for placing creative, eye-catching overlays with blur, brightness, contrast, and Visual marketing content. Not to mention them Fun to do as well as. Whether you are a photographer or just a casual storyteller taking pictures in nature, VIMAGE will immediately improve your photography skills.


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