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ADATA launches SE920 external USB4 SSD: up to 4000 MB/s


Ada You Announce Its new SE920 external SSD, the company’s first with USB4 interfaceThe drive promises a sequential read speed of up to 4000 MB/s (using SLC cache and using USB4 Host), which makes it one of the fastest external storage devices designed for consumers in the industry. In fact, in terms of sequential reading speed, it will even outperform any external SSD with USB 3.x or Thunderbolt 3/4 interface.

Adata will provide different versions of SE920 series drives with different capacities, but at present the company keeps the details of the series confidential. Adata also didn’t talk about the architecture of its SE920 drive (which SSD controller it uses, how fast the write speed, etc.), although it stated that the SSD uses the company’s proprietary heat transfer technology to ensure proper cooling and consistent performance.


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