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ADATA showcases an amazing 12,600 MTps DDR5 module


As found Graphics cardIn today’s online announcement, ADATA unveiled several new products, including its first DDR5 memory module with a frequency of up to 12600 MTps, making it the fastest DDR5 module released so far. The company also released a series of other products, including PCIe Gen4 SSD, external SSD, notebook computers and SD card readers.

ADATA showed two DDR5 models at its event. One is its general-purpose DDR5 module with a maximum operating frequency of 8400 MTps, each DIMM capacity up to 64GB, running at 1.1v. This is consistent with the fastest DDR5 module announced by any memory manufacturer (including Samsung, SK Hynix and Crucial) we have seen so far.


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