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After the extradition was approved, John McAfee was found dead in the cell


According to reports, John McAfee, the founder of the security company named after him, was found dead in a Spanish prison. world report. Reuters with Associated Press Both confirmed the news. He is 75 years old.

Just a few hours ago, McAfee also Obtained extradition to the U.S. Tax evasion charges in the Spanish High Court.

The Associated Press quoted a statement from the Catalan government that the man found in his cell was a 75-year-old American citizen who had been granted extradition. An anonymous source confirmed that this was McAfee.

According to Reuters, the Catalan judiciary suspected that McAfee had committed suicide.

After the US Department of Justice issued an arrest warrant, McAfee was arrested at Barcelona Airport in October 2020. March, McAfee is accused of taking $13 million in his pocket From followers on social media without revealing that he profited from them.

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