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All-round RTX 3090 graphics card dies in Amazon’s New World beta


RTX 3090 graphics card Obviously, dying while playing video games is not the new world Amazon envisioned when it opened the beta for the upcoming game. More and more Reddit users Claim that their EVGA RTX 3090 card is dying in the game. Judging from the current number of reports, it seems that only the EVGA RTX 3090 card is affected (none of them mentions AMD cards affected by this), but other users report the mysterious 100% loading screen in the main menu or loading, which is different from other brands And RTX 30 series models. It seems that limiting the frame rate may prevent this from happening, indicating that the card is simply consuming too much power for its own circuits.

So far, the evidence is anecdotal, but enough different users have reported the same problem on the web. Sometimes, as soon as you enter the game, the card will die; other times, the card will crash first, forcing the computer to hard reset. If you still have display output after that, you are one of the lucky ones-but entering the game again will cause the graphics card to freeze, forcing users to activate their warranty and RMA graphics cards.


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