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AMD and MediaTek may negotiate a joint venture

DigiTimes report AMD and MediaTek may be negotiating a joint venture (JV). According to the publication, the joint venture will focus on SoC-level data transmission technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi and even wired data transmission controllers. If the joint venture is established, we will consider integrating MediaTek IP into AMD SoC-the focus is obviously on mobile hardware solutions, such as laptops.

According to reports, sources close to DigiTimes pointed out that any SoC designs produced by the joint venture will be available in 2024.The credibility of this report is the fact that AMD and Mediatek have worked together in the past: AMD integrated Mediatek’s Wi-Fi 6 technology into their AMD RZ608 chip, Debuted on AYANEO handheld game console. Although the module is an AMD brand, it is actually a renamed version of the MediaTek MT7921K wireless communication module.

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