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AMD CEO: Global chip shortage will ease by the end of 2022

At the Code Conference on Monday, AMD CEO Lisa Su talked about the continuing chip shortage, which has affected the The best gaming CPU arrive The best GPUAnd how the shortage will begin to fade in the second half of 2022. Su also reiterated AMD’s position that Radeon GPUs are mainly aimed at gamers, but declined to talk about custom system-on-chips designed by PC manufacturers. (Through CNBC)

Need to go to a new level

For more than a year, the electronics industry has been suffering from severe chip shortages, which has been exacerbated by the sharp increase in demand for PCs and other equipment due to the continuing pandemic. As Lisa Su said, demand has now reached a new level. The industry simply does not have enough capacity to meet this demand, which is why the shortage of chips continues. She expects the tight supply will continue into the first half of 2022 and subside in the second half of 2022.

(Image source: AMD)

The industry must resolve supply chain bottlenecks, which usually means acquiring additional production capacity online. These capabilities include everything from semiconductor fabs to chip assembly and testing facilities, including the raw materials chemicals used in the fabs and the substrates used for chip packaging.

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