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AMD gets the highest server CPU market share in years: report

AMD’s recent server efforts are huge. The company not only released 64-core CPUs and worked hard to win designs from server manufacturers and cloud giants such as Google, but also prioritized the production of EPYC processors instead of client CPUs and GPUs.These efforts paid off in the second quarter, according to Analysis company Omdia, AMD has reached the highest server CPU market share in years.

AMD is gaining share

According to the report, approximately 3.4 million data center servers were sold in the second quarter of 2021 (the same as the previous year). In addition, due to the growing demand for hyper-scale cloud service providers, server manufacturers have received $21.5 billion in revenue.

AMD controlled 16% of data center servers, Intel lost some revenue share to AMD, and Arm-based servers continued to improve, albeit in a limited number. Omdia said that Ampere’s Altra (deployed by Oracle) and Fujitsu and Huawei’s chips are the most successful server-grade Arm SoCs.

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