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AMD may be preparing a new Zen 2 CPU. but why?

Based on AMD Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer) The processor belongs to Best CPU In the current market. However, this chip maker seems to have excess Zen 2 chips as new chips. USB-IF list (by Komachi_Tosaka) Three unreleased Zen 2 processors have been exposed.

The A1 version of Athlon Gold 4100GE, Ryzen 5 4500 and Ryzen 3 4100 processors were mentioned in the submission. We are not sure whether these three AMD chips use Zen 2 cores. Because AMD uses the Ryzen 5000 brand for Zen 3 products, it is unrealistic to think that chip manufacturers will use Zen 3 in addition to the name.

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