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AMD releases Apple’s exclusive W6000X workstation GPU


AMD announced the launch of three W6000X series It will be designed specifically for Apple’s Mac Pro.Therefore, these will not be Best graphics card, Unless we are talking about Appleā€™s best GPU. The lineup includes W6900X, W6800X and W6800X Duo, using AMD’s latest RDNA 2 architecture and up to 64GB and 128GB memory configuration, suitable for Duo.

Compared with the current W5000X products, these new GPUs will bring major graphics upgrades to the Mac Pro, and the performance is twice to nearly four times that of the current Radeon Pro RX W5700X. Considering how fast these new GPUs are, the performance of the lowest teir card W6800X is almost twice that of W5700X, with a performance of 32 Teraflops, while the previous flagship W5700X is only 18.9 Teraflops.

W6800X will become the entry-level graphics card in the W6000X series, and its specifications are Radeon RX 6800 Desktop equivalent-it is also basically the same as Radeon Pro W6800, Except for Apple-centric themes to lower the clock slightly. W6800X has 60 CUs, a total of 3840 stream processors, and a peak clock speed of 2087MHz. The card will run on a 256-bit wide memory bus with 32GB GDDR6 memory and 128MB Infinity Cache.

W6900X is an intermediate GPU option with 80CU and 5120 stream processors, similar to RX 6900 XTThe memory remains unchanged, 32GB of GDDR6 runs on a 256-bit wide bus and 128MB of infinite cache.


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