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AMD Reveals Radeon RX 6600 XT Specs, Pricing, and Performance


AMD’s Radeon RX 6600 XT will officially launch on August 11, 2021, putting to rest the past couple of months of speculation and leaks. Will it manage to compete with the best graphics cards, and where will it fall in terms of our GPU benchmarks hierarchy—and more importantly, will more than a handful of people be able to buy the cards at something close to MSRP? These are good questions, and while the answer to that last question is almost certainly, “Sorry, not gonna happen,” it should still bring some needed competition to the more moderately priced GPU segment.

First, let’s talk official pricing. AMD says the RX 6600 XT will launch with a suggested retail price of $379. That’s not quite the price many were hoping to see, but AMD says it has adjusted prices based on what people might see at retail. In other words, it’s not pulling out a ‘fake’ $329 MSRP like Nvidia’s RTX 3060, which generally sells for $500 or more right now—assuming you can even find one in stock. Check our GPU price index for more details. Of course, $379 is only the starting price, and we’ll undoubtedly see much higher prices on many of the custom cards from AMD’s AIB (add-in board) partners.

Radeon RX 6600 XT Specifications
Architecture Navi 23
Process Technology TSMC N7
Transistors (Billion) ?
Die size (mm^2) ?
SMs / CUs 32
GPU Cores 2048
Infinity Cache (MB) 32
Ray Accelerators 32
Base Clock (MHz) ?
Boost Clock (MHz) 2359
VRAM Speed (Gbps) 16
VRAM Bus Width 128
ROPs ?
TMUs 128
TFLOPS FP32 (Boost) 9.7
Bandwidth (GBps) 256
TDP (watts) 160
Launch Date 11-Aug-21
Launch Price $379


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