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AMD starts shipping Instinct MI200’Aldebaran’ computing GPU

AMD said this week that it has begun shipping the first batch of next-generation Instinct computing GPUs based on the CDNA2 architecture.These are not you Best graphics cardIn contrast, the new Instinct MI200 computing accelerator comes with 128GB of HBM2E memory, designed for supercomputers and other high-performance computing applications, such as AI or ML.

“The first shipment of the next-generation AMD Instinct accelerator using the second-generation cDNA architecture,” AMD said in a statement Income introduction read.

AMD’s Instinct MI200’Aldebaran’ computing GPU will power the world’s first exascale Cutting-edge supercomputer, Will be delivered by the end of 2021 (and Some smaller machines), so now is the time for AMD to start producing accelerators. AMD has not disclosed any architectural features cDNA2, So the only two things we know about Instinct MI200 are it The two chips are connected to each other using AMD’s Infinity Fabric, It carries 128GB of HBM2E Use two 4096-bit interfaces to connect to the chip’s memory.

AMD code-named Instinct MI200’Aldebaran’ computing GPU performance is expected to be more than twice that of Instinct MI100 (184.6 FP16 TFLOPS, 23.1 FP32 TFLOPS, 11.5 FP64 TFLOPS), and support for new data formats and instructions may be added. However, we don’t know how the cDNA 2 architecture is different from the original cDNA-it is actually derived from AMD’s GCN-based Vega 7nm, which is optimized for computing.

Some leakers show There can be as many as 16,384 stream processors on the two small chips of MI200, which is more than double the 7680 active stream processors of MI100. Given such significant “brute force” improvements, and assuming real architectural enhancements, it is logical to expect MI200 to be more than twice as fast as its predecessor. However, as this information is unofficial, please use it with caution.

AMD did not disclose whether it started shipping its Instinct MI200 computing GPU to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Frontier owners or some other customers for the first time. Nonetheless, the initial shipments indicate that the accelerator is good enough to be shipped to customers.

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