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AMD Zen 4 processor provides integrated graphics across more SKUs

AMD currently only provides integrated graphics in its APU, but we can see the intersection of APU and conventional CPU in the upcoming product series. According to the latest data exploration by Gigabyte hackers, French fries and cheese Found data about the inclusion of integrated graphics in upcoming AMD processors with Zen 4 cores.

According to Gigabyte hack data, AMD is preparing to add integrated graphics to Ryzen processors, which contains Zen 4 cores. This is similar to what Intel has done for its iGPU-equipped consumer processors, regardless of the SKU, although the blue team can also choose to purchase the “F” CPU SKU with iGPU disabled.

AMD’s current consumer PC processor product line includes two distinct products: Ryzen CPU and Ryzen APU. The CPU only contains what they advertise-the processor core installed on the chip. To run a system with Ryzen CPU, users need a dedicated graphics card to display any content. However, AMD also produces Ryzen APUs with integrated graphics, so you don’t need a separate GPU. This seems to be about to change.

(Image source: French fries and cheese)

The above table shows that AMD is preparing to launch three processors based on the Zen 4 micro-architecture, all of which support integrated graphics. This means that AMD can manufacture its future CCD or IOD with its graphics core etched in silicon, waiting to be used in the appropriate SKU. However, this may also mean that AMD is further absorbing iGPU-equipped models into its standard product stack—just like it did when it added Ryzen 5000G products as non-X equivalents.

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