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AMD Zen 4 Raphael CPU may reach 16 cores


Executable repairA well-known hardware leaker brings us another piece of information about AMD’s next generation Zen 4 Mainstream processor. Obviously, Ryzen 6000 (reportedly code-named Raphael) may reach 16 cores.

AMD’s Zen 4 microarchitecture has a lot of excitement. First of all, there are rumors that these chips are equipped with TSMC’s leading 5nm process node. Earlier, there were rumors that AMD may add a third small chip to the Ryzen 6000, increasing the number of cores to 24, but ExecutiveFix has eliminated this rumor. However, this may have been wishful thinking from the beginning, as AMD has already provided more cores on mainstream processors than Intel. In addition, it does not make sense for AMD to continue adding more cores, as it will only threaten the chip manufacturer’s Ryzen Threadripper HEDT product line.


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