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AMD’s Instinct MI200 Exascale GPU: 128GB HBM2E


AMD will not talk about its next-generation Instinct MI200 computing GPU in a few months, but its Linux patch continues to disclose the new features and functions of this upcoming product.It turns out that it’s set up for Frontier Exascale Supercomputer (To be delivered this year) There will be a fairly large memory subsystem that supports up to 128GB of HBM2E DRAM.

we have already known AMD’s Instinct MI200 computing GPU codenamed Aldebaran, based on cDNA 2 architecture Two chips are used in a single chip package using AMD Infinity high-performance interconnect. One of AMD’s latest Linux patch Its AMD64 EDAC driver (located on the system DRAM ECC) reveals the memory architecture of Instinct MI200, the report Fronix.


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