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AMD’s Robert Hallock refutes Zen 4 PCIe Gen4 rumors and talks about the future of “Zen Philosophy”


in a New YouTube video Looking back on its Zen architecture for more than five years, company representatives also discussed future products, including the next generation (AM5) platform and 3D-VCache CPU, both of which are scheduled to land next year, when they will compete for our position. The best gaming CPU List.

The video starring AMD’s Chief Marketing Officer John Taylor and Technical Marketing Director Robert Hallock also explored in depth how AMD’s original “Zen philosophy” will continue to promote the company’s innovation and help it compete with Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake platform and beyond.

Hallock described AMD’s strategy as the four pillars required for success: core architecture, process technology (such as TSMC’s 7nm), CPU frequency, and platform (AM4, AM5).


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