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Announcing a standard for cross-flash storage devices

JEDEC has introduce Its new cross-flash (XFM) form factor is suitable for NAND memory-based storage devices. The form factor is small and slim, and can be easily replaced while using industry standard interfaces and protocols. XFM Embedded and Removable Storage Devices (XFMD) are designed for applications ranging from small IoT products to notebook computers.

Today, there are two form factors for client-oriented NAND memory storage devices: UFS for low-power embedded and mobile applications and M.2 for PCs. UFS 3.1 devices provide good performance at low power consumption, but they are not replaceable, which poses some problems for manufacturers because they lose a lot of flexibility when using solder drives. In contrast, M.2 modules are replaceable, can provide extreme performance, but consume a lot of power, and are too large for small devices.

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