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Annoying flash swap: retesting Crucial’s P2 SSD after QLC downgrade


Crucial’s P2 did not become a strong contender for the title Best SSD When it was first launched, but now it is firmly on our non-recommended list. Recently, Crucial decided to replace P2’s TLC flash memory with slower and less durable QLC flash memory, making the new P2 much worse than the original version. For example, the QLC version of the drive is nearly four times slower than the original drive when transferring files. In the actual test, the reading speed is half of the original, and the continuous writing speed has dropped to a level similar to USB 2.0, only 40 MBps . This is slower than most hard drives. Unfortunately, Crucial made changes, but did not change the product name or number, and did not issue an announcement. Crucial claims that P2 will meet its specifications because the company included the performance of QLC flash memory directly in the specification sheet when it was released. But these specifications do not match the performance you see in many reviews of the original shipped drive, causing the SSD manufacturer to misleadingly replace the components again.

Sound familiar?Just like Adata is under fire for deception tactics, Crucial is now in a popular position to do so. Unlike Adata, Crucial keeps the P2 SSD controller the same, but replacing the TLC flash memory with a cheaper, slower, and less durable QLC may be more detrimental to performance.


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