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Annual assessment checklist: Are you prepared to fail in this year’s work?This is an 8-point fault checklist to find out


Your annual assessment has been completed or is in progress.Last year was a year about survival and keeping a job Pandemic You are very happy to finish it in one go.

If this year did not increase you too much Profession Journey, because of the pandemic, you can let it pass once. What now? Will you calculate the current year? Or did you develop the wrong habit last year that made you fail?This is an failure Your travel list to professional destinations.

If you have no destination, you don’t know which bus to get on, so you don’t know where you will end this year. Do you know anyone who ran the 42-kilometer full marathon to win a small medal after completion? In order to achieve this goal, it needs to qualify through a 21-kilometer half marathon, approximately five months of training, weekly running mileage, prescribed diet, and a plan for scheduled sleep and sleep. jobs.

Only one goal leads to a plan that may or may not be executed successfully. What is your career goal this year? Do you want to change team leaders, double sales commissions, get an online degree, or study visual design? Do you have a budget for money and time? You know where you want to go. Now, did you choose a regular bus or an express bus with few stops or no stops? The latter’s tickets are more expensive and can reach the destination faster. Similarly, are you working normally or in a company/industry or functional department that is on an ultra-fast growth path?

If you are in a Pharmaceutical company Or last year’s fast-growing technology startups, you have seen workload and team growth. Have you chosen a job that works longer, studies harder, and earns more in one year than in three years? Or why bother? Eventually, regular buses will also take you there.

You can close your eyes and ignore that your bus is now heading in the wrong direction. Your industry or company may be in serious trouble, for example, the hotel industry and travel industry suffered heavy losses last year. Your job is declining or is about to end. Maybe you don’t get along well with your manager, and he wants you to either quit or get fired. He gives you impossible deadlines without resources, and then makes you take responsibility for anything that fails. It is very likely that your manager will succeed this year. You have chosen your journey, but you play the role of a passenger on the bus. He sits in the seat but makes no other contribution. If you are happy to take a place at work, without ownership or participation in a role beyond your definition, then your future this year will depend on the whims and fantasies of your team or manager. Other proactive people will have a say in how to set and execute goals, how to distribute rewards, and who will progress or withdraw.

  • Don’t share your tiffin

A fussy bus passenger only cares about himself and his Tiffin box, and refuses to contact other passengers. At work, you prefer to have lunch by yourself, avoid after-get off work gatherings and drinking fountain discussions, and do not care about sharing your own life or listening to other people’s personal journeys. You believe that you are paid to complete your work and not to connect with others. If you are a star performer or a completely independent character, you will survive. Otherwise, you will lose your seat on the bus to make room for team members. A shortcut to destruction and self-destruction is to indulge in road rage on the highway. At work, let your ego and emotions dominate. When you are criticized or responsible for your results and actions, please offend others. Arguing with colleagues who disagree with you, and report to your manager when she tries to correct or punish you. Just like road rage, there is no winner. People will avoid working with you, and HR will try to find a fan list for you. You fell asleep as the co-pilot on the bus. Your job is to keep the driver awake and warn him of blind spots and hidden traffic. Similarly, as a core member of the team, you will not take your role seriously because you will not be held accountable. Your lack of participation and ownership of the manager’s success or team’s goals ultimately leads to your manager or team falling into doom and frustration. Like the co-driver, you go down with the bus. You are a hitchhiker and want to enjoy all the benefits of the journey without having to pay for the ticket price. At work, you avoid all extra demands on time, refuse to help colleagues, refuse requests to travel and attend meetings, and make sure that you take a vacation without paying attention to work with the slightest excuse. By the end of the year, if you are still in the same job, you may be lucky. Otherwise, you will be eliminated, perform performance improvements, or even lose your job or reputation.

Signpost to the end

1. Less work

Read the signs on the road. Do they point to the exit? One of the early signs is that your workload is starting to decrease. Has your responsibilities been reassigned to others? Are you manning projects with lower demand? These signs are crucial when you are a senior employee or a highly paid professional.

2. Fewer employees

If you are a manager, you should achieve results with the help of the team. When your team’s strength is diminishing, there are no new employees or replacements while other teams are being staffed, and when expectations of you are the same or lower, watch for signs. Without the team, the manager’s salary cannot be long.

3. Less information

Do you feel left out at work? Explore that idea. Do people no longer trust you to provide information or data? You will see these signs when you are excluded from important meetings or decisions or are not marked in sensitive emails at all. All the information in the company needs to be known. You may not need that much.

4. Reduce your budget

This year’s financial plan has been announced in the office, and your budget has been cut, including travel and expenses. How does it compare to the budgets of other teams? Is your project or function less important to the company now? Do they plan to reduce the size of your project? Or just you?

5. Bypass

Your chain of command is being bypassed. Your subordinates are much busier than you. They are assigned tasks directly and report to your boss or senior management on certain items. If these tasks were previously assigned to you for delivery, then you will be reassigned or asked to quit.

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