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Apple and Intel take the lead in adopting TSMC’s 3nm technology: report


When chip foundry manufacturers deploy at the end of 2022, Apple and Intel will take the lead in adopting the TSMC N3 (3nm) manufacturing process, Nikkei Asia News Agency Reported on Friday. Intel is expected to use this technology to make CPUs for PCs and servers, and Apple is expected to use this node for its system-on-chips for client devices.

Apple and Intel are currently “testing their chip designs produced using TSMC’s N3 process.” Nikkei The report quoted several people who knew the matter. Given that N3 is about to “officially” enter the risk production model in the next few weeks, and assuming that the information provided by news organizations is correct, we can speculate that Apple and Intel have completed their N3 CPU and SoC. Although it is not clear whether they have functional silicon. Commercial production of these chips is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022.


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