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ASML predicts that processors will have 300 billion transistors by 2030

ASML Holdings is responsible for designing and manufacturing machines for manufacturing silicon chips. If anyone knows what the future holds, it is a Documents for investors, The Dutch company has a plan to create a processor with more than 300 billion logic transistors by 2030. The company stated that Moore’s Law (the observation that the number of transistors doubles every 18-24 months) is still valid, despite many predictions that it is about to end.

The company plans to develop a chip that will contain more than 300 billion transistors by 2030. Of course, this is not an easy task, because some chips like Nvidia’s GA100 are very large and “only” 54 billion transistors. However, the 300 billion target has a solid foundation. The company plans to achieve this goal by dividing the development process into two phases, the first phase is to increase transistor density, and the second phase is to improve the packaging phase.

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