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ASUS launches AMD Ryzen’s latest flagship motherboard with ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme

Asus today Announce Its new ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme motherboard is suitable for AMD Ryzen users.The arrival of the passively cooled X570 motherboard completes ROG’s extensive X570 product portfolio and competes with today’s products The best motherboard.

Worthy of the name, ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme Edition It is an E-ATX motherboard with a power supply subsystem that complies with the 18+2 design.ASUS equips ROG Crosshair VII Extreme with 90A power level, ultra-fine alloy chokes and 10K black metal made in Japan Capacitor Provide clean power transmission for overclockers. Two 8-pin EPS power connectors provide the required information for the processor.Although ROG Crosshair VIII Extreme does not carry the nickname X570S, the motherboard does claim to be passive chipset Cooling, similar to ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero.

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