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Best Gaming Microphones for 2021 – Tom’s Hardware


When you need to ensure your voice is heard on the battlefield, nothing quite beats a dedicated, standalone USB microphone. As much as mics on the best gaming headset have improved over the years, they still can’t hold a candle to the wind when it comes to a plug-in, full-sized microphone. Better yet, you can now get some of the best gaming microphones — or at least a fairly serious one — for well below $100/£100. And if you’ve already outfitted yourself with one of the best gaming keyboards and the best gaming mouse, opting for an superior mic is a logical next step in tricking out your battlestation.

Mics aren’t just about gaming either. There’s no time like the present for focusing on  hobbies or even turning those interests into a career. Whether you want to venture into the world of podcasting, music recording or streaming or are just a gamer who needs their teammates to hear every direction barked at them, you’ll find the best gaming microphone to tick all of your particular boxes below.

Best Gaming Microphones at a glance


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