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Best gaming routers of 2021

There is no strict game router definition, but when you see one, you might know one. It can have aggressive angles, and usually has too many antennas. But besides being beautiful, what makes a router a gaming router, let alone the best gaming router? Generally speaking, you can expect higher-end internal hardware than budget products, including additional frequency bands to handle more devices, and generally faster CPUs and more RAM to cope with larger device loads.

Usually, the user interface also contains game-centric features to help determine the priority of game traffic and data packets, and provide finer control to adjust and optimize network performance to ensure that it best meets your gaming needs . Unsurprisingly, this is usually more expensive than most mainstream routers, but it can bring a better gaming experience and less latency, especially when your home network and Internet bandwidth are between several people and dozens of devices. Time allocation.

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