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Most people today use streaming services like Netflix and Hulu to watch their movies and TV shows. That’s a great option as long as you have a subscription and don’t need to go offline. If you’re looking to download your movies or TV shows for free onto your Android device locally to watch later, you might want to switch from a streaming service to one of the following Android apps. Table of Contents YouTube Bee TV Tubi Cinema HD Popcorn Time Vudu Crackle VidMate Watch Your Favorite Movies Online & Offline These apps allow you to watch your favorite television offline and for free. Pretty useful when you’re on the road, or if you forgot to renew your Netflix subscription but today I am going to tell you about the most amazing android app I have ever used for watching movies and downloading movies


This application offers its users a range of recently-released movies and TV series for enjoying online. Here you will be able to browse a content catalog sorted into categories consisting of recent releases being shown in movie theaters around the world, although there is a particular emphasis on films for an Indian audience. And the same goes for TV shows and series, where you will find the latest hits from the top online TV platforms. You will be able to stream them or download them for offline enjoyment. You are obviously not going to find all the advantages offered by the top online TV and movie platforms: image quality, technical support, service stability (it is more than likely that right now it is not working), compatibility with different devices… But it might come in handy in certain circumstances.


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