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Best Raspberry Pi HATs: Expansion Boards for Every Project


The Raspberry Pi is an awesome platform for learning and experimentation. We can learn to code, build robots, monitor the location of the International Space Station, and so much more. But to make the most of the Pi, it helps to have the right HAT (hardware attached on top). HATs are expansion boards that connect to the Raspberry Pi’s set of 40 GPIO pins and add functionality such as lights, motors, sensors and fans. 

There are hundreds, if not thousands of Raspberry Pi HATs on the market and most of them will work with any model of Pi that has 40 pins, which is every model launched from 2014, though you’ll need to attach the GPIO pins to the Pi Zero. 
If you intend to use a HAT with the new Raspberry Pi 400 then you will also need a breakout connector, such as Pimoroni’s Flat HAT Hacker HAT.


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