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Best X570 Motherboards: AMD’s Flagship AM4 Chipset Picks


The best X570 motherboard will of course bring the chipset’s primary features, like PCIe 4.0 support (which doubles the bandwidth over previous-gen PCIe 3.0), more and faster USB ports, along with a higher power draw than previous-generation X470 boards. It takes more juice to power those faster PCIe lanes.

The latter means almost all the best X570 motherboards will have built-in fans to cool the chipset, unless you opt for one of the new X570S chipset models, which do away with the fan. All that said, after some initial worries about fan noise on early boards, companies have tweaked their BIOS settings. At this point even if you opt for an X570 board, you won’t likely notice the noise of these small fans over other components in your case, unless perhaps you opt for something extremely quiet, like Noctua’s Colossal NH-P1 passive cooler and a zero-RPM graphics card.


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