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Boox launches E-Ink external monitor for laptops, 25 inches in stock

Sometimes, 16 gray levels are sufficient to meet the demands of productivity workloads. This month Onyx International began selling one of the industry’s first 13.3-inch E Ink monitors, which can be used as external monitors for notebook computers. The company is also preparing a 25-inch E Ink monitor for desktop computers.

E Ink displays are widely used in e-book readers and some special devices that can take advantage of their low power consumption and high contrast but do not require color. However, electronic ink technology can also be applied to personal computers. These people will experience eye fatigue due to blue light, bright colors, or screen flashing when using traditional displays for reading, writing, or coding. In fact, E Ink displays for PCs have already begun to appear.At the end of last year, Dasung began to sell its 25.3 inch paper display This week Onyx began selling its Boox Mira E Ink 13.3-inch display

(Image source: Agate International)

The Boox Mira monitor can display 16 levels of gray, with a resolution of 1650×2200 and a pixel density of 207 pixels per inch. The device has a headlight with color temperature control (cold, warm), manually adjustable refresh rate (normal/text/video/slideshow), and supports capacitive touch. In terms of input, the product has two USB Type-C ports and a mini HDMI connector. In addition, it even has VESA 75×75 holes in case its owner wants to use it on his arm.

(Image source: Agate International)

Onyx’s Boox Mira weighs 590 grams, which is the same as the external LCD weight of notebook computers based on IPS, VA or TN panels. At the same time, Boox Mira promises to be more comfortable when working with text, spreadsheets and codes. Unfortunately, the 13.3-inch E Ink display is not cheap.It can be ordered 799.99 USD Directly from the manufacturer.

(Image source: Agate International)

In addition to Boox Mira, Onyx International is also preparing its 25.3-inch Boox Mira Pro display, which has a 3200 x 1800 resolution (145 PPI), specifically for desktop applications. This monitor will be equipped with a DisplayPort, an HDMI, a mini HDMI and a USB Type-C input. As for the price, the manufacturer plans to charge $1799.99 when the device is on the market.

Obviously, general E Ink monitors, especially Boox Mira/Boox Mira Pro, are not designed for anything that may require a more or less suitable refresh rate, so although they can of course be used to watch videos, they are not suitable All in the game.Even one Color electronic ink The display is unlikely to be The best gaming monitor.

(Image source: Agate International)

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