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California is also tightening supervision on monitors, but don’t panic

The California Energy Commission has proposed Energy regulations A gaming monitor in place (like On the game desktop) The purpose is to improve their efficiency.This may cause some companies to be unable to ship certain gaming monitors to California due to high power consumption, similar to Dell cannot ship some Alienware gaming desktops For the same reason.

This strategy takes into account the maximum power consumption of the display, the energy consumed when it is turned off and in sleep state, and the screen size (the larger the size, the looser the regulations). The law of energy also considers OLED panels and curved displays.

(Image source: Energy Code)

But this is not all. By expanding to G-Sync Ultimate and FreeSync panels, these categories are more in-depth, and each panel has specific regulations. The extra hardware in the G-Sync Ultimate monitor consumes extra power, which is the reason for the difference between FreeSync and G-Sync Ultimate.

California Monitoring Energy Act

(Image source: Energy Code)

California’s measurement is mainly based on Energy Star’s recommendations on power efficiency. All display tests were done at 200 nits brightness.

In fact, the new energy restrictions that apply to displays manufactured on or after January 1, 2021 require displays to be 15-20% more efficient (with less power consumption) than previous regulations.

California Monitoring Energy Act

(Image source: Energy Code)

Idle wattage is a major issue in California, as new regulations require gaming monitors to consume 1.2 watts or less when running in sleep mode or shutdown mode.

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