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Career Opportunities: Changing the way of looking for jobs from the employer’s perspective: this is the reason


When looking for a new job the talent market Is changing? Are you adapting fast enough?The rapid changes in technology followed Pandemic Force everyone to change the way they do business. As a result, roles have changed, and recruitment behavior has also changed.

Each time, you will spend more time looking for a new job, you will lose your job more quickly, and you will look for work more frequently.if your Job hunting The method is still a cliché, and you will be unemployed for longer.Step into your job and change the way you apply for a job employerOf shoes to understand what works faster.

Insider first

You are an outsider trying to convince the employer that you are a good bet for an open position. Your employer does not think so. He didn’t want to take a risky bet, nor did he want to lose a lot of money and time due to recruitment errors. His first task is to minimize the risk of recruitment, so he is more willing to hire an insider, a well-known person he can trust, and he can trust and leave it long enough to make it worthwhile.

As an outsider, this is the case of Catch 22. To get rid of this predicament, please realize that internal employees are those who joined the junior positions earlier, or other horizontal positions, or as temporary employees, or signing contracts, or interns, suppliers or consultants. You now have multiple options to become an insider, and then become the first new position to be considered.

Trust currency

The next best thing after internal recruitment is to recruit through trust. Staff Recommendation is a method you have heard of, but it has the worst effect. Your employer believes that recommending employment will increase your chances of sincerity and success because the reputation of the referee is threatened, and so is your relationship with the referee.

Can you find an employee to recommend you? Knowing that the credibility of the employee affects the employer’s choice. Employee referrals are not the only way. Your employer values ​​equality, the judgment of your mentor or friends/family. Can you find the first level contact with you and the employer who is willing to introduce and sponsor you? Reach out and jump over the vacancy queue.


You want to get a lot of rewards after a few hours of selection process. It is a very dangerous game for employers to play with strangers. She is always looking for additional information or actions to increase her confidence in you. Therefore, your employer will always be attracted by proactive people who demonstrate their intentions, energy and abilities through their actions.

Did you just respond to job advertisements or contact vacancies directly? Have you done your homework in understanding the business, talking to employees, and proposing convincing communication methods that make employers interested in meeting you? When your initiative allows you to discuss with the decision makers, the interview schedule is no longer important.

Get attention

Your paper resume is only part of the story. Have you noticed that your resume is the fourth priority of your employer’s recruitment behavior? But this was the first time and the biggest waste of time in the old school job search methods. In a world where your employer is extremely cautious about hiring risks and there are many candidates for every vacancy, your paper resume is not the only important thing.

Your employer will screen your entire online footprint on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Glassdoor, YouTube and any other website Google reveal. Will you be judged for the right reason or the wrong reason? Correct online rants, drunken pictures, and other chaotic situations immediately. Playing long-term games and continuing to build an online presence will make you noticed and invited to participate in discussions. At the same time, keep your resume on one page and make sure it is made for job descriptions, not generic. The most important achievement related to the employer should be in the first third of the page so that you can see it first. In a list of one hundred or more personal data, an employer will only spend an average of 6 seconds to determine whether each resume is valuable.

Show me the money

“Show me the evidence first”-this is your employer’s thoughts before you see the money. Consider showing what you have done or are doing to show the employer that you have got what she needs. If you are a designer, please show your portfolio.

If you are a coder, please show your code or project before your resume, qualifications or test results. If you are in sales, please show your last number or show the customers you will attract during the first week of the trial period. Regardless of the vacancy, think about what you can “show and tell” instead of “interview and hope.”

Keep your job

If you were an employer in difficult times, what would you worry about? You will identify the key parts of the business, roles, and results that help generate revenue and reduce costs. Compare it with what you are doing now. Can you become an important employee by transferring to a key role or achieving greater results? “Do more with less” is the mantra of every entrepreneur to live longer. Focus on “more” or more “reducing” the risk of unemployment. What can you add to meet the needs of employers? Can you reduce the cost of extra hands by playing another role? Can you deliver a new project that did not start due to lack of recruitment budget? “There is always a better way” is the hallmark of a growth mindset. Write down three new work ideas every day to exercise your creative muscles. Review within a week, pick the most promising, make a plan and give it to your employer. Every feasible idea will make you priceless in the eyes of employers. The biggest consumption of time and energy for employers/managers is micro-management and conflict resolution. Solve them and get yourself out of the exit list. Follow your deadlines and keep your employer up to date to save him time in managing you. Then avoid or resolve team conflicts by themselves before they break out. Your employer or boss is pressured to make the right decision and implement it on time. Reduce the burden to expand your contribution. By understanding the situation, concerns and providing advice on the latest situation, it becomes a sounding board for decision-making. Otherwise, request and deliver the manager’s task list to free up her time.

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