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Career: Want to know how to thrive in your career?The answer lies in your superpowers


I know sign language.What is yours superpower? Said the speech and hearing impaired service staff of Mumbai’s award-winning restaurant Mirchi and Mime, a shirt worn by service staff. They always know sign language, but recognize that it is a unique power. Profession A few years ago they did not work in the catering industry.

So, what are your superpowers?What do you bring to you jobs, Roles and interactions that continue to add value? When do people look for you and why?Usually your superpowers are right in front of you, not yours Technical qualification. Find and cultivate it so that you can thrive in your career while enjoying your work. Like every superhero, your superpowers may also have dark sides that you need to avoid. Do you recognize any of your superpowers here?

Are you a person who prefers the future to the past, and therefore see the huge possibilities under certain circumstances? Describe what you see. Do you think it is enlightening? Dream more and describe your vision in more detail. People want to see a picture that fills them with hope. When you improve your ability to communicate your dreams in an inspiring way, you empower yourself and others.In a role leadership Or the founder of a startup company, you can form a team to make a common vision a reality. To build this kind of superpower, take time to think about the vision you are creating. Read and learn more to fill the gaps. Learn to communicate better so that your story is easy to understand. Work with people who move quickly.

You are the first partner for visionaries. As a changer, you bring enthusiasm and action. When others are busy planning and discussing, you can’t wait for the meeting to end and start acting. Being around you will raise the energy level of everyone, make things change, and make it possible for the team or organization to change. You learn by doing things and figuring out what is effective. Choose to measure your role based on the results you provide, where there are opportunities for innovation/change, and find the decision makers who need your skills most. Your biggest risk may come from rushing to promise and locking yourself on the path of failure without assessing the risk. When the visionary speaks and the change makers act, your ideas will move towards the best plan to achieve your goals. The more complex the situation, the more you like to think about what is available, what can work, what may fail, and the best way to put everything and everyone together. Your superpower lies in your ability to continuously make effective plans and find better ways in a constantly changing world. Choose roles with fewer rules and more active parts, including large-scale events and projects. Beware that there are too many projects on your plate, not your manager or main team. Although there are dreams, plans and projects, success can only be achieved when things are completed. You know you have amazing concentration. Once you start a task, you must see it complete. You believe in fulfilling your responsibilities and commitments and getting the job done. You refuse to make excuses and failures for events beyond your control. Your superpowers are tenacity and perseverance, and every team needs you to achieve their goals. Your biggest challenge is that you can’t let go. When the organization’s or team’s priorities change, avoid personal failure, leading to your project being shelved or lack of resources. You can perceive people’s feelings even if you don’t say anything. Therefore, you can understand, share and respond to their needs and emotions before others. Because you are also very kind, people trust your message. When you recognize your superpower and use it regularly, you can build relationships inside and outside the company. You find out where the real problems are and know how to solve them. When you help people stay consistent and consistent, all teams and programs will function better. Be careful not to become exhausted or distracted because someone’s feelings are temporarily hurt. The first form of honesty is self-awareness. If you can truly judge and determine the boundaries of your abilities, you can choose a role where you will succeed and be happier instead of letting your ego cause you to fail. Likewise, if you find it easy to be sincere with people at work, your team will learn to trust your feedback and opinions. You become the first person to give serious opinions on what is valid and what is wrong. You will soon become the manager, mentor or key person of each team. Don’t abuse honesty to indulge in being ruthless, offensive, or a champion of the devil under any circumstances. When personal biases sneak into and manifest in emotional statements, your honesty becomes an obstacle to success.

Super intuition

Like many leaders, you may have an instinct in certain areas that helps you make quick judgments. Your intuition comes from the combination of experience and relevant skills. You take a look at the data set generated by the team and you know that this is wrong. Trust your intuition and invest energy to discover why it is wrong, or why other people might think it is wrong. When you hear about a new startup or a business idea, all you know is that it will work. Don’t wait months or years to know if you are right. Become an investor or consultant of this type of enterprise, and you can add tremendous value through your guidance. You can also choose to start the same business or just join as an employee. When a job candidate interviews at your company, you will know in the first few minutes whether he will be hired. You have an innate sense of your company or team culture, and you have a strong reading ability for verbal and nonverbal cues. Constantly measure how often your judgments are correct, and voluntarily make your team’s recruitment process better and faster. Regardless of whether the sale will happen or not, the sales guru usually has an intuition within the first 15 minutes. If you have this intuition, please use it to choose the individual or corporate customers you want to pursue. If you have no choice, then when you know that sales will be difficult, please seek more resources and the support of your manager. Almost all leaders have reached the top because they choose correctly and focus on one key thing. They have done this many times in their careers. Do you have the intuition to break the chaos and figure out one or two important things in the current situation? Learn to say no to everything else, and follow your instincts to be successful often.

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