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Chia Coin RAM guide: the best memory settings for drawing


Chia Coin (XCH) is one of the fastest growing countries in the cryptocurrency world. This is mainly because Chia is a storage-based cryptocurrency, unlike Ethereum, which relies on graphics cards. However, this is not the first time storage has been used for cryptocurrency. Filecoin (FIL) and Siacoin (SC) also rely on storage devices, but they don’t seem to get much attention. On the other hand, Chia has a good start.

Although Chia drawing (the process of creating profitable Chia files) places great emphasis on storage speed, other core components (such as the processor and memory) are equally important when creating drawings.Processors with more cores and faster SSDs can provide better results, as you have in our Best SSD Article, but most Chia farmers may not think twice about the impact on memory speed. However, there is ample evidence that memory frequency plays an important role in certain workloads, and we found that Chia drawing is no exception.


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