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Chia Mining craze has eased, but HDD prices are still rising


This Chia Coin The cryptocurrency boom has caused an almost immediate shortage of many popular hard drives, and the resulting price has risen sharply. Now Chia seems to be slowing down, which should lead to reduced demand for high-capacity HDDs and high-endurance SSDs. We have studied how Chia’s slowing expansion and increased HDD supply affect retail HDD pricing. Although some pricing declined last month, it turns out that most drives still sell for much higher prices than their manufacturers’ suggested retail prices. In some cases, pricing has even increased.

The storage crisis driven by Chia unfolded at an extremely fast pace. In just one month, from late April to early June, the space allocated to the Chia network increased from 1 exabyte to 16 exabytes.Since the largest hard drive manufacturer only sells 30% to 40% of products Through distributors and retailers, the sharp increase in demand immediately led to shortages and soaring prices.


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