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Chinese developers claim to have the world’s fastest quantum computer

Chinese researchers have proven what they claim to be the most powerful quantum computer in the world. In order to prove how fast the supercomputer is, the researchers completed a complex calculation, and a typical supercomputer takes about eight years to complete in more than an hour.

According to reports, the Zu Chongzhi quantum computer is a 66-qubit machine ZME Science. Compare, Google’s Sycamore chip has 53 qubits, while IBM’s Q System One chip has 20 qubits. It is not easy to load qubits into a chip and create a quantum mechanical superposition effect, but it is even more difficult to ensure that they work properly (without errors). For this reason, 66 qubits is an achievement.In addition, adding a few qubits to a quantum CPU will increase its performance exponentially

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