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Client SSDs: Samsung remains the No. 1 with SSD sales 2.6 times higher than HDDs

SSD shipments in the second quarter of 2021 were almost flat, partly due to the slight decline in PC shipments in the first quarter and the continuous shadow of component shortages. In terms of units, SSD sales exceed hard drives by 47% because most client systems now use solid-state storage, but HDDs lead by 411% in capacity because they are used to store most of the data generated today. Samsung is still the world’s largest supplier of solid state drives, followed by Western Digital and Kioxia.

99.6 million SSDs shipped in the second quarter

According to statistics, in the second quarter of 2021, the industry’s SSD shipments were 99.6 million, slightly higher than the 99.438 million in the first quarter. Trend focus (pass Storage communications). These drives can store 68.63 EB (exabyte) of data, an increase of 10.7% from 62 EB in the first quarter.In contrast, the three hard drive manufacturers shipped 67.6 million hard drives with a capacity of 350.7EB.

Avid readers know that although SSDs are now leading in terms of unit shipments, HDDs are leading in terms of capacity because they are used for large-capacity storage in ultra-large-scale data centers operated by companies such as AWS, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. .

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86.86 million client SSDs

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