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What Is Computer Hardware?  What Are The Basic Parts?

Computer Hardware A familiar concept that those who have used computers. It is the computer that we use every day consisting of two parts: hardware and software. Maybe you are too familiar with software applications such as Microsoft Office, Unikey, Chrome website browser, Coc Coc, … But, few people know what computer hardware is? What are the basic parts? To know more about these concepts, please read the article below!

A – What is computer hardware?

Hardware is the devices inside and outside the computer that we can hold, see. Computer hardware is the parts that make up a computer. Those parts include:

– External part: Computer monitor, headset, keyboard, mouse, printer, projector, speaker, USB, ..

– Internal part: power supply, CPU chip, mainboard motherboard, Modem, cooling fan, RAM, ROM, sound card, video card, some Drives such as: Bluray, CD-ROM, DVD, hard drive, floppy drive…

Hardware is produced by computer companies such as: Dell, Asus, Lenovo, etc.

What is computer hardware?

B – Classification of computer hardware

Based on operation and function, computer hardware is divided into 2 categories:

– Input: is the part responsible for collecting data collected into the computer such as mouse, keyboard, headset, ..

– Output: are parts that execute commands and external output data, answer and signal parts such as screens, printers, speakers, etc.

C – Details of the basic parts of computer hardware

1. CPU – Central Processing Unit – Central Processing Unit

– Is a small circuit board, inside contains a piece of silicon wafer wrapped in a chip made of ceramic and attached to the circuit board (mainboard).

– CPU speed is measured in units of Hertz (Hz) or Gigahertz (GHz). The larger this measurement value, the faster the CPU works.

2. Motherboard – Mainboard

– As the main circuit board, is the most important part in the computer system. It acts as an intermediary to connect and communicate between other devices in the computer.

– The normal connection and control is done by the Southbridge and Northbridge chips. It is the control center of the computer’s activities.

3. RAM – Random Access Memory – temporary data memory

– A device that allows data to be stored for a short period of time. The memory of the PC is a place to store information so that software installed on the computer can access and retrieve data.

RAM is the place the computer accesses to process information temporarily. This means that when the computer is idle, the RAM will be empty. The larger the RAM, the more workload it can handle.

4. Hard Drive – Hard Disk Drive – HDD

– As the main storage of the computer, it is a device containing circular disks covered with a magnetic layer that stores data.

The hard drive is where the computer’s operating system, all software and all data are stored. When the power is turned off, everything you just worked on on the computer will be kept on the hard drive without worrying about being lost or erased when restarting.

– Hard drive capacity is in Gigabytes (GB). Each normal hard drive can hold 500 GB or even up to 1000 GB ~ 1TB.

5. Input device

– These are devices that help provide data and instructions to the computer such as: mouse, touchpad, trackball, keyboard, drawing board, etc.

6. Screen

– An indispensable electronic device. They have the main function of displaying and connecting the communication between the user and the computer.

– Currently, there are many types of screens with integrated touch, so you can use your finger to touch the screen to manipulate and control the computer.

7. Network card

– To be able to connect to the Internet, you will definitely need a network card. Most computers today have at least one built-in LAN card (wireless or wired) on the Mainboard – the motherboard so you can connect to the Internet router of the network.

– When the network card has a problem, you can add a removable network card to the expansion slot on the inside of the computer (PCI or PCI Express 1x) or a removable card that connects via the USB port.

Above is the information we collect about “What is computer hardware? What are the basic parts? Hope the article is useful to readers!

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