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What Is A Virtual Computer Keyboard?  How To Use A Simple Computer Virtual Keyboard

The computer virtual keyboard supports us a lot in a few necessary cases. This type of keyboard is available on both Windows and Macbook. However, many people still do not know how to open, download and use the virtual keyboard. Therefore, in the following article, we will provide you with the most detailed information about the computer keyboard.

What is a virtual computer keyboard?

A computer virtual keyboard is a type of keyboard displayed on the screen, through touch-capable devices. However, at present, it can still be used on ordinary computers / The alphanumeric keys, the accent keys … like the normal keyboard, but we will operate directly on the keyboard via the screen, can be by hand or by mouse.

Advantages of computer virtual keyboard phím

  • Can be used on most computers, the size of the computer screen will determine the size of the virtual keyboard. Currently, there are several forms of virtual keyboards that allow users to flexibly change the size and color to facilitate the use process.
  • Enter data directly on the screen, without using a regular physical keyboard
  • Can prevent keyloggers, limit the disclosure of search information or input data.
  • The capacity to download the virtual keyboard is not large, it can be used for all types of machines without worrying about lag
  • Absolutely no download fees
  • The virtual keyboard can be used flexibly, in any case by downloading it to a USB and carrying it with you to use when needed.

Disadvantages of virtual keyboard

Besides the above advantages, the use of the virtual keyboard still has some limitations as follows:

  • Reduces the user’s typing speed, not suitable for use in cases where many documents need to be entered
  • Keystrokes cannot be pressed by pressing them at the same time. You can only press the keys in order. For example, if you want to use the Ctrl + C key combination, you will have to do it on the virtual keyboard in the order of Ctrl, then click C and then back to the Ctrl key.
  • Windows Autocomplete will be stopped if you use the virtual keyboard instead of the regular physical keyboard.
  • Make it difficult to choose and adjust the keyboard size: if it’s too big, the content will be covered, if it’s too small, it will be difficult to see and use.
  • There is only a security feature for input information when you access and use Windows and Google Chrome browsers from 69.x or below, in addition to these browsers, the risk of your data theft is quite high.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Internet Explorer11 and the new Windows interface, the virtual keyboard feature is not supported.
  • Unable to use keystrokes to take screenshots like when using a physical keyboard

How to use the computer virtual keyboard

Step 1:   You go to the interface on Windows and then search with the word On-Screen Keyboard. This is an application on the computer, even if you are using Windows XP/7/8, you will use this phrase. If you use Windows 8, press the Windows + Q key combination and enter On-Screen Keyboard in the application search box.

Step 2  When the  On-Screen Keyboard virtual keyboard  appears, click on it to open the virtual keyboard with a black background interface with white text.

Step 3  You click  Fn  to show the function keys and there are many other hidden keys with the same function as the real key that we used.

Step 4  You can manipulate using the mouse to click on the virtual keyboard instead of using your hand to type as before to create text groups as you like.

Step 5  In addition, this virtual keyboard supports typing by giving synonyms when you type any word or number on the On-Screen Keyboard virtual key.

Above are our detailed instructions on how to open the computer virtual keyboard. Hopefully through our article, you will have more useful information and knowledge to apply.

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