Learn Computer Parts For Operational Details

In addition to laptops, desktop computer Parts are an essential tool for each of us. But not everyone knows the details of computers. Let’s learn about the parts of the computer through the article below.

Computer Parts

Motherboard (mainboard)

As a circuit board, you can easily see when opened and installed, this part is considered the foundation, determining the stability of the entire computer system. It is a bridge connecting other components, but when all components want to connect to the motherboard, they must be compatible and supported by the motherboard.

Video, audio, networking devices and possibly video cards are already built-in by the motherboard.

CPU (processor)

The CPU is considered the brain of the computer, it is responsible for processing all the data and programs on the computer, the power of the computer is evaluated through this part. Of course, the CPU when selected must be compatible with the motherboard, it will not work no matter how strong it is.

Currently, based on the needs of use, it is divided into 2 different groups. The side is for ordinary users and for high-demand objects such as servers.


Today’s computer RAM is also very noticeable and upgraded, RAM is a temporary memory to wait to be processed. With strong RAM, your computer can completely handle many programs at the same time.

Currently, at normal needs, you can choose 4GB RAM, the minimum is 2GB. Today’s motherboards are usually dual RAM, with motherboards supporting up to 4 RAM slots.

Graphics Card (Video Card)

Currently, there are two main types of graphics cards: discrete ones attached to the PCI EX slot and integrated with the mainboard.

Usually, the built-in VGAs on the motherboard are usually to meet the needs of office objects, little use for graphics. For those who use graphics software or programs that require high graphics processing capabilities, you should use discrete cards.

When you want to upgrade discrete cards for your computer, you also need to choose those that are compatible and supported by the motherboard.

Hard Drives (HDD and SSD)

Hard drive you understand roughly as a place to store all the data on the computer. Currently, hard drive capacity is very diverse and has a very large capacity, normally from 240GB to 1TB.

System data usually takes up from 50-100GB, the rest depends on the data you have to choose the right hard drive capacity for you.

A machine can use both SSD and HDD, SSD to improve processing speed and HDD to help store data.

The source

The power supply is a device that supplies power to the computer, the power supply needs to have pins that are compatible with the board and have a high capacity to supply power to the devices in the computer. Computer devices operate more stably and sustainably, if they own a good power supply, they will provide adequate power.


The screen is simply to show all the programs you are currently using. You can buy whatever suits your pocket best. An average screen in use today has a width of 19 inches.


Mouse and keyboard for us to enter data and control the computer, now the mouse and keyboard are using USB ports are many and the latest technology is now using the mouse and keyboard wirelessly (Wiless).

Above are the parts of the computer. We hope our article has provided you with a lot of information.

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