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What is COMPUTER SOFTWARE? Learn Concepts, Classifications, How to Create

In the digital age, none of us have heard of the word ” software “. Hearing a lot, mentioning a lot is that but not everyone fully understands what computer software is, the concept, classification, and how to create computer software.

What is the concept of computer software?

Computer Software or Software for short is a collection of instructions or instructions written in one or more programming languages ​​in a specified order, and data related data or documents intended to automatically perform some task or function or solve a particular problem.
Software performs its functions by sending instructions directly to hardware (or computer hardware, Computer Hardware) or by providing data to serve other programs or software.

Software is an abstract concept, it differs from hardware in that it is “software that cannot be touched or touched”, and it requires computer hardware to execute.

Learn about computer software

Previously, to create computer programs one had to work directly with numbers 0 or 1 (using binary coefficients), also known as machine language. This work is extremely difficult, takes a lot of time and effort and is especially prone to errors. To overcome this shortcoming, assembly language is proposed, a language that allows replacing this sequence of 0s or 1s with words reminiscent of English.

However, this improvement is still not very suitable for most computer users, who always expect commands to be the meaning of the operations they describe. So, since the 1950s, people have built programming languages ​​whose statements are close to natural languages. These languages ​​are called high-level programming languages.

Computer programs are usually created by humans, these people are called programmers, however there are also programs that are generated by other programs.

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Classification of computer software

Classification of computer software by mode of operation
What is system software ? It is used to operate computers and computer hardware, such as Windows, Linux, Unix computer operating systems, dynamic libraries (also known as dynamic linked library; English: dynamic linked library – DLL) of the operating system, drivers, firmware, and BIOS. These are the types of software with which the operating system communicates to control and manage hardware devices.

Windows is system software

Application software for the user to complete one or more tasks, such as office software (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice), business software, [[[Vpar DB]]], software human resource management software, educational software, databases, game software, utility programs, or malware.

Microsoft Word 2013 is application software

Translator software includes compilers and interpreters: these types of programs read statements from source code written by programmers in a programming language and translate it into machine language form. that the computer can understand, or translate it into other forms such as object files and library files that other software (such as operating systems) can understand to operate the computer to execute commands.

Technology platforms such as .NET,…

Classification of computer software by applicability

The software is independent, it can be sold to any customer on the free market. For example, database software like Oracle, graphics software like Photoshop, Corel Draw, word processing and editing, spreadsheet, etc. Advantages: Usually these are software with wide applicability. for multiple user groups. Cons: Lack of flexibility, customization.

The software is written to order or contract of a specific customer (a company, hospital, school, …). For example: control software, sales support software, etc. Advantages: Flexible, highly customizable to meet the needs of a certain group of users. Cons: Usually these are narrowly specialized application software.

Other types of computer software

Also a type of software, but computer viruses are harmful software written to run for the sole purpose of a group of people to cheat, advertise, steal, destroy information, destroy hardware or just to tease computer users.

How to write computer software

Writing computer software is a very high paying profession

Depending on the complexity of the software produced, the software designer will more or less use the means to create the desired design (such as block diagrams, flowcharts, algorithms and pseudocodes), which is then coded in programming languages ​​and translated by compilers into modules or/and executables. A collection of executable files and blocks of code that make up a piece of software. Usually when a piece of software is created, to be perfect, the software has to be adjusted or corrected from design to software versioning a number of times. A piece of software will normally be compatible with one or more operating systems, depending on the design, the way the code is written, and the programming language used.

Production and development
The development and marketing of a piece of software is the subject of study of the discipline of software engineering, also known as software engineering. This discipline studies organizational methods, resource use, production cycle, along with relationships with the market, as well as the relationship between these factors. Optimizing software production processes is also the subject of consideration of the discipline.

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