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So in today’s article, we will discuss some of the best Android applications, once you use these applications, you will like these applications, and you will think that we have been using mobile devices until today. But that’s why we don’t use these apps, so don’t waste any more time, let’s continue to discuss this topic.


Android users can download the online third-party application Momix Apk. Thanks to the integration of this application, Android users will be able to watch free movies and series. In addition, channel members can easily stream other content.

As we have already mentioned in previous reviews, professional platforms can be accessed online. But it may cost hundreds of dollars, because they are high-quality in nature. For mobile users with limited budgets, this is too expensive. These users usually search online platforms.

They can watch the same content for free without registering or subscribing. In fact, such a platform can be found online. However, when it comes to common functions, these platforms are not accessible.


All router administrators

Use this application to easily access your router settings and control your Wi-Fi network. This is a simple, convenient and versatile tool that can help any Android user manage the router through a smartphone. This is a good analysis tool that can help you better understand your router and your Internet settings.

As a router administrator, what can you do?
Router password modification
Check your default gateway
Change Wi-Fi password;
Block strangers;
Parental control.


saying you

TalkU is a free texting and calling application that can save up to 90% compared to your phone company! It allows you to make cheap calls for free via Wi-Fi or cellular data. TalkU also provides you with free text messages and free phone numbers, so you can send text messages to anyone.


  • Free calls to the U.S. and Canada
  • Unlimited calls and texting between TalkU users
  • Send free text messages to any phone number in the world!
  • No roaming charges, even when calling from abroad


Text plus

Use the local phone number of your choice to send SMS and call apps for free.
Send and receive unlimited SMS/SMS/MMS/group messages to anyone in the United States or Canada.
Advertising support or cheap local and international calls-how you choose to call!


  • Turn your tablet into a mobile phone and use real US numbers to text and call for free!
  • Great for keeping in touch with family/friends in the U.S./Canada when traveling abroad
  • Group SMS/message/send MMS and SMS
  • Make free calls from anywhere in the world, without any restrictions!
  • Unlimited free incoming calls-your friends can reach you at any time
  • Access your chat and call history on any device via free cloud hosting
  • Save a lot of money for your mobile plan


I count on it

This amazing app allows you to hide private contacts to avoid conflicts with your partners, friends and even your boss!
Create an invisible contact list where you can safely hide contacts and phone numbers in the contact list. Only you can access hidden contacts through a safe and reliable security system.
This application uses a highly secure authentication system that allows you to choose to set access PIN, lock mode or calculator lock, combined with highly advanced intrusion alerts. You can also use fingerprint authentication to protect your photos.
Activate the “fake mode” with a separate access code and share this fake password to display another contact list of your choice. In this way, the contact list you really hide will not be discovered. To activate this option, simply enter the settings and press Activate Fake Mode.
Using this application, you can make your contacts invisible, hide your ex’s number and activate a security system with intruder alerts to alert you when someone tries to access your private contacts.

You can download this amazing app from the link below


Swap memory

If the physical memory is used up, virtual memory is used, which stores data in memory on disk. Reading from disk is orders of magnitude slower than reading from memory, so this will slow everything down. (Swap data between real memory and virtual memory is “swap”. The space on the disk is “swap space”.)

If your application “uses swap,” then you either need to use less memory or buy more RAM.

(Swap is useful because unused applications can be stored on disk until they are used. Then they can be “loaded in” and run normally again. Although it is not in memory, the operating system can use that memory for other things , Such as disk caching. So this is a very useful feature, but if you don’t have enough physical memory to run your program, you definitely need more memory. Fortunately, memory is really cheap now.

You can download this application from the link below


Light mathematics

Use the world’s most used math learning app to learn math, check homework and study for upcoming exams and ACT/SAT! Have tricky homework or classwork? Get out of trouble as quickly as possible with our step-by-step instructions and animations.
We provide you with knowledge from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and geometry. You can do math!

main feature
• Word problem explanation!
• Free to use
• Step-by-step instructions for each solution
• Exclusive operation guide animation
• Scroll through multiple solutions to each problem
• Multifunctional scientific calculator
• Interactive chart

You can download this application from the link below


Want to kick

Wanna Kicks is a sneaker fitting application, you can discover fresh sneakers and classic sneakers with the help of augmented reality technology. No matter where you are, you can immediately try to kick the ball with your foot, and then take a photo to surprise your friends.

Using this application, you can:
-Get new drops every week to try more kicks!
– Use AR view to check them on your feet.
-Share your favorite version with friends.

You can download this application from the link below.



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