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Core i7-12700’Alder Lake’ Geekbenched: faster than Rocket Lake


It is said that the benchmark test of the eight-core Intel Core i7-12700 “Alder Lake” processor has been added to the Primate Lab’s Geekbench 5 database.New chips may be added Best CPU When it becomes available later this year, but if these results show any signs, it has already shown some promising results.

If the Geekbench 5 reading is accurate, then Intel’s Core i7-12700’Alder Lake’ processor has eight high-performance (P) cores, an unknown number of energy-saving (E) cores (which may be disabled on this machine), and the Up to 16 threads can be executed when running at 2.10 GHz ~ 4.80 GHz. The lack of E cores and/or the number of supported threads may be a misunderstanding, because the unlocked Core i7-12700K is rumored to have 8 P cores, 4 E cores, and 20 threads. Either so, or Intel intends to provide a very differentiated product line.


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