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Corsair launches new Hydro XD7 RGB distribution board, which can double as a pump/tank combination


Corsair has released a new product for its Hydro X series called XD7 RGB distribution boardThe distribution plate doubles as a pump and water tank combination and adopts the shape of a 360 mm radiator, which means you can install this distribution plate into any chassis that supports 360 mm radiators.

The biggest feature of XD7 is its internal pump combination and its shape, which allows you to remove any large reservoirs or pumps that may take up a lot of space in the system. The rest are radiators and pipes, which can make the custom loop look cleaner.

The design of XD7 is very interesting. It imitates the MagLev 120mm RGB fan from Corsair, making you think it is a real heatsink with fan, but in fact it is just a distribution board. This is largely due to the XD7 installation system, which needs to support a 360 mm radiator. Nonetheless, this still makes the XD7 look good in your case and can match any other radiator and Corsair RGB fan in your system.

(Image source: Corsair)

Corsair XD7 switchboard

(Image source: Corsair)

Each “fan housing” has 36 controllable RGB LEDs with a Corsair logo in the middle, which looks similar to the central hub of a Corsair fan. The transparent acrylic allows you to see the coolant flowing through the distribution plate and Xylem D5 pump. To run RGB LEDs, you must pair the XD7 with a separately sold Corsair iCue controller.


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