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Cortana and IE have been put aside, because Windows 11 focuses on the features people want


In the hype around Microsoft’s Windows 11 announcement, Most of the focus is on new content.But according to the company’s official statement Specifications page For the operating system, many features of Windows 10 will also disappear, or at least move from the head of the class to the back of the classroom.

The Cortana voice assistant will no longer be part of the initial startup experience (Hurray!) or pinned to the taskbar. Internet Explorer will be disabled (huzzah!) by default to support Edge. The software-restricted S mode will continue to exist, but now it can only be used on Windows 11 Home Edition, which used to be part of Windows 10 Professional Edition.

For those with convertibles and tablets, the tablet mode will also disappear (along with live tiles) and will be replaced by “new features and capabilities” when the keyboard is connected or removed. The timeline, which is designed to allow you to continue from where you left off when you move across Windows devices (but mainly feels like a creepy record of Windows activity) will also disappear, even though Microsoft stated that “available in Microsoft Edge Some similar functions.”

Minor changes include the replacement of the old version of Snipping Tool by the new Snip & Sketch (though obviously the old name), the Microsoft Wallet got the axe (has anyone really used it?) and the quick status, which displays information about the lock Screen, start. Complete list of Windows 11 “Functional Depreciation and Deletion” can be found here.

All in all, it looks like most of these changes and deletions may be welcomed. But, of course, most of the new Windows experience depends on which features and functions will replace those that are about to disappear.For more information, see our Windows 11: Everything you need to know.


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