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Crowdfunder provides a DIY Raspberry Pi cluster using an old PC case


raspberry pie Clusters are a popular way to explore parallel computing. They are an inexpensive and powerful way to run web servers, Pi-holes, backup systems, and other server-like applications at the same time.However, usually, multiple boards are placed on the same Custom case And connected via Ethernet. This crowdfunding event The difference is that it is designed to connect the Pi board to a carrier board that fits a standard PC case. This event is also different from traditional crowdfunding activities. Supporters will not receive the final product, but will receive instructions for their own construction.

(Image source: Jonathan Groneveld)

The fruit of the imagination of Dutch PCB engineers Jonathan Groneveld, This carrier board requires multiple Raspberry Pi Computing Module 4 plate. It comes in three sizes: ITX, ATX and E-ATX, of which ITX can hold four CM4s (crazy, he doesn’t seem to mention how many CMs a larger motherboard will hold), and one of them has M.2 Port, used to add storage. The finished board will be equipped with Gigabit Ethernet, with a set of five USB ports on its rear edge (two for the controller board, each for “workers”), plus USB-C for power supply and one HDMI port. Groeneveld is also writing its own software to manage the cluster.


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