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Debian Linux runs Bare Metal on Apple’s M1 SoC


If you hate Apple’s MacOS, but envy the performance and energy efficiency of the M1, then in the OS war on your side, the door has just opened a brighter future for you. Alyssa Rosenzweig is the Linux developer leading Panfrost and Asahi graphics drivers, Tweet A running Debian GNU/Linux installation, running bare metal on Apple’s shining star SoC.

This is not the first time We have already seen Linux on M1, but there is no doubt that this has no effect on Rosenzweig’s work. The development of Rosenzweig was carried out after several months of reverse engineering work on the M1 SoC. It represents one of the most complex tasks in the software world-porting the working operating system to a place equivalent to a hardware black box. Although we are still a relatively long time away from the “one-and-for-all” installation process of Linux on M1, the work done by Alyssa and partners has opened the forefront of achieving this goal. The current installation already has a working upstream mainline kernel that supports USB, which adds flexibility to further development. The goal is to enable any Linux distribution to be installed and run through the M1 SoC through ecosystem support and mainline kernel updates.


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